At New Touch Industries (NTI), we offer total project management. Based on the project at hand we can assist you with the initial designs and perform the required services to give you a high-quality finished product. These services are inclusive of Laser Cutting, Bending/ Folding, Welding, Fabrication & Assembly. We also offer the option for finished coatings.

The ability to complete various stages of your project under one roof reaps multiple benefits. Our equipment’s automation compatibility sync together, allowing for a streamlined process that efficiently and effectively gets your project completed with minimal time-consuming post processing.

Completing each phase under one roof means we can rely on the quality from the previous process. That way there’s no compromise on quality to correct or working with inferior products. We’re able to build upon reliable work and ensure the customer gets a high-quality finished product.

There’s no wasted time and effort finger pointing if something is wrong. In the case there’s an issue, we’re able to pin point and resolve it in a manner that minimally impacts production time. In the case of large-scale production, the ability to notice a mistake and take immediate measures for correction is paramount.

Toward the end of a project, we offer the option to add finishing coats. These include a range of powder coatings, zinc plating and electropolishing. Once any necessary coats have been applied, we can also assemble your product if required. This leaves a minimal expenditure of time and effort at our client’s end.

Quality, Service and Delivery are the three core values we use as the foundation for our work and is what our clients remember us by.

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