AusProof’s research and development team has continued to diversify the company’s product offerings and ranges to give the industry an even greater product selection.

The newly manufactured aluminium low voltage restrained range has been developed and tested to provide Non-Ex operations with an aluminium range alternative. This includes metalifferous mining, open-cut mining, pumps and tunnelling projects.

The aluminium range is a combination of both aluminium and stainless steel components, generating a number of advantages, including both a lighter and cost-effective product. Without compromising on quality, the range will still provide a high-quality product finish.

The interchangeability feature of the range allows for non-hazardous environments to use the aluminium restrained products to be interchanged and used with the existing stainless steel restrained range currently in place.

The range has been tested and approved for service to the highest standard to ASANZ 1299, to provide customers peace of mind for safety. Importantly, the heart of the product – the contacts and insulators, are the same reputable products and features that exist in the certified PES, PS and PL ranges.

Aston Marks, Managing Director of AusProof, says: “Although the range has taken a little longer than expected to develop, it was important for AusProof to push boundaries and develop new manufacturing methods in order to reduce costs and ultimately allow us to pass this cost-saving on to the customer.”

With a fresh new look to easily distinguish the Non-Ex products; the aluminium range is a bold, white colour, with existing industry-standard colour bands to determine the range, volts and amps efficiently. Additional identification methods include ‘Non-Ex’ labels and laser marks on components for further clarification.

The new product range names follow a similar abbreviation with the existing stainless steel range:

  • AES covers 60A – 90A, with phase rotation to give 660V or 1,100V;
  • AS covers 150A, with phase rotation to give 660V or 1,100V;
  • AL covers 300A – 425A, with phase rotation to give 660V, 1,100V or 3,30V.

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