There are a number of steps you can take that will play a major role in helping you avoid age-related hearing loss.

We all seem to prioritise certain aspects of our health. Many of us seem to focus on maintaining good eyesight and a healthy set of teeth by arranging a regular trip to the optometrist or the dentist.

Although not all forms of hearing loss are preventable, there are a host of factors that can help you understand how to prevent hearing loss in your everyday life, and a lot of them are quite straightforward.

By introducing some minor changes to your lifestyle, you can help avoid age-related hearing loss as well, and give your overall health a boost in the process!

  • Manage your blood pressure

High blood pressure and heart disease can have an adverse effect on the inner workings of your ear. It’s important you remain in regular contact with your GP, so you can keep your blood pressure under control.

  • Stop smoking and limit your alcohol intake

Yes, drinking too much alcohol can also have a negative effect on your hearing, as does smoking cigarettes or passively inhaling cigarette smoke. So if you’re wondering how to prevent hearing loss, a good lifestyle change would be to introduce a few alcohol-free days to your week.

  • Manage your diabetes

Research indicates that people who suffer from diabetes are twice as likely to develop hearing problems. Just like high blood pressure, diabetes can damage the cells in your ears. Keeping your blood sugar levels under control and following your GP’s instructions in relation to managing your diabetes is vital.

  • Exercise regularly

The all-round benefits of exercise just continue to mount up! Exercise improves the blood flow in your body and helps improve your ear health in the process! Just ensure you don’t subject your ears to excessively loud music at the gym, because that would be a bit counterproductive!

  • Consume vitamins and minerals

There are several vitamins that play an important role in helping you avoid age-related hearing loss, and one of those is B12! And minerals such as potassium and magnesium play an important role in maintaining good hearing health!

  • Understand your family history

Even though an understanding of your family history won’t directly explain how to prevent hearing loss, it will make you aware of any elevated risks you face. By identifying hearing issues at an early age, you are more likely to reduce the negative side effects of hearing loss such as cognitive decline, depression and social isolation.

  • Know which drugs can cause hearing loss

There are literally hundreds of over the counter prescription drugs that are linked to hearing loss. These ototoxic drugs can include common drugs like aspirin, right through to chemotherapy drugs and some antibiotics. Taking an alternate drug can help you reduce the risk of drug-related hearing loss, so it pays to discuss this matter with your GP.

Following these basic tips will help you better understand how to prevent hearing loss, but you also need to avoid situations where your ears are exposed to excessive loud noise.

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