Full certification for ALCORapid

We’re pleased to announce that certification against Australian Standard AS 3547-1997 has been extended on our zero-tolerance breathalyser, the ALCORapid®.

What does this mean?

The certification was awarded earlier in the year for one month storage, however, typical use of the instrument requires the unit to be tested against this standard for six-month storage.

Why is a six-month storage test necessary?

This storage test is conducted to ensure the instrument maintains manufacturer-stated accuracy specifications over a six-month period, as per calibration requirements of the Australian Standard.

The result?

The ALCORapid® has passed this test and the certification ensures that, in terms of accuracy and reliability, it can stand against any other fuel-cell breathalyser on the market.

With this process complete for the ALCORapid®, you can now be confident knowing that all breath-alcohol screening instruments that we supply are fully certified to Australian Standard AS 3547-1997.