Sandvik Mining has announced the launch of the world’s largest hydraulic top hammer rock drill, RD2045C, delivering increased drilling capacity, more efficient rock breaking, improved blast fragmentation and higher reliability.

Designed for the company’s Next Generation Pantera DP2000 top hammer drill rig, RD2045C combines the efficiency of top hammer drilling with lower operating costs in 152mm – 178mm diameter surface drilling, said Sandvik Mining product line manager for top hammer production drills Jukka Naapuri.

"RD2045C, which is in the 45kW power class, features percussion dynamics optimised for our brand new ST94-127 tube rods when drilling 152mm -178mm (6in -7in) diameter blastholes," Naapuri said.

"This rock drill incorporates two rotation motors delivering a total 4,800Nm of rotation torque, ensuring smooth rotation and optimal energy transfer."

Sandvik Mining used state-of-the-art simulation technology, taking advantage of its 40 years’ experience in hydraulic top hammer drills, to develop the new RD2045C.

"The end-result is another industry-leading rock drill concept from Sandvik combining our years of experience and expertise with our proven rock drill design philosophy to deliver higher availability, longer service life and lower operating costs," Naapuri added.

"Our new RD2045C makes up part of a complete, integrated drilling system in which percussion energy transfer is optimised from piston through tools to rock, allowing the efficiencies of hydraulic top hammer drilling to be applied in large diameter drilling applications."

He said that field-proven simple, modular construction ensured high availability and ease of maintenance regardless of site conditions.

The construction of R2045C is based on three main body modules tied together with four strong, short side bolts, along with just two moving parts in the percussion mechanism.

"For the first time in the market, RD2045C introduces a closed-loop shank lubrication system for surface drills," Naapuri said.

"This environmentally friendly closed-loop lubrication technology is an example of how Sandvik successfully integrates EHS in product design."

Being introduced by Sandvik Mining at the same time is the new ST94-127 tube drilling system, plus a new drilling tool, designed to all work together to ensure straighter holes and longer tool service life.

"RD2045C top hammer rock drill for Pantera DP2000 Next Generation rigs offers significantly higher penetration rates and drilling capacity compared with pneumatic systems, while ensuring high drilling quality and much better rock fragmentation," Naapuri said.

"The end result is better energy efficiency in rock drilling and lower operating costs for surface mining."