In the third quarter of 2017, Hauhinco delivered another emulsion high-pressure (HP) pump station and a water spray pump station for a high-performance longwall in a modern Chinese coal mine. During the conversations, the customer convinced the Hauhinco HP pumping technology, the consultation and the technical knowledge.

Within the scope of delivery, the HP pump station has to be emphasized: For the high-technical customer requirements, as well as for running the longwall with a seam thickness of up to 6m and thus the required high pressure and volume flow rates, four frequently driven EHP-5K 400 HP pumps have been installed in the system. Each pump is thus run with an externally driven oil pump, which guarantees a constant oil lubrication of the drive components at all rotational speeds. Additionally, the electric motor is equipped with a separately driven fan and thus enables a high-input speed range.

Hauhinco has supplied several emulsion pump stations with variable frequency drives (VFD) in the past. These pump stations were equipped with one HP pump with variable frequency drive and also configurations with VFDs for each HP pump were delivered. In a configuration with one HP pump with VFD only a small part of the volume flow can be controlled. For example, in a pump station with four EHP-5K 400, one of them being in standby, the following flow ranges are possible: 100 l/min -540l/min, 650l/min -1,080l/min, 1,260l/min -1,620 l/min.

By using four EHP-5K 400 pumps with VFD, the Chinese coal mine constantly has a volume flow range from 100l/min to 1,620l/min. To achieve an even runtime of the pumps, the customer can switch them on regular basis and thus also has a high flexibility. Three EHP-3K 200 HP Pumps were installed for the water spray pump station.

The Hauhinco Service and our Chinese partner made product training for the mine employees on site and also accompanied the commissioning.

To accomplish the pursued coal output, the customer has chosen a durable and reliable high-pressure supply. The further support and the maintenance of the pump stations are ensured through our Chinese partner.