ARANZ Geo Limited, owner of 3D geological modelling software Leapfrog®, has opened a Leapfrog sales and support office in the United Kingdom. Based in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, the offices will provide easy access to Leapfrog users throughout Europe.

Leapfrog UK’s chief operating officer, Graham Grant says, "We’re very committed to our customers and our new UK office will allow us to provide timely local training and support to our European Leapfrog customers. Our expert geologists will be able to readily share their knowledge to help these customers build their skills and capability to ensure they get the most out of Leapfrog.

"It’s also important for us to be close to London’s financial sector as Leapfrog is a recognised tool for decision making and investment, not just by the world’s leading mining companies and geologically dependent industries, but also by investment houses."

Setting the standard in geological modelling

Leapfrog is a leading piece of 3D geological modelling software within the mining, hydrogeology and geothermal industries, which enable geologists and decision makers to make critical time-sensitive investment decisions that extract value, bring meaning and reduce risk, cost and time.

Leapfrog’s FastRBF™ technology allows multiple models and hypotheses to be considered, allowing geologists to take an incremental, more robust and scientific approach. By turning complex data into geological understanding, decision makers can gain insights that give them the confidence to take advantage of opportunities or change direction as required.

The company continues to expand and gain market shares, with Leapfrog’s FastRBF™ technology and continual innovations recognised as a key differentiator.

Mr Grant says, "Tightening market conditions are driving demand for the superior analysis that Leapfrog enables. Combine this with our ground-breaking innovations and the efficiency gains they deliver and you can see why we’re recognised as geoscience trailblazers."

Worldwide Leapfrog training and support network

Leapfrop local support and training is available worldwide through a network of offices strategically placed in Australia, Denmark, Canada, United Kingdom, Brazil, Chile and Peru.