In a report published in recent weeks, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) announced that The Answer Company is the newest recipient of its Accreditation for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Providers.

The Answer Company, with offices in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, is the first ERP reseller in Western Canada to receive the rigorous TEC Accreditation, demonstrating its commitment to show prospective and existing clientele that users of the company’s solutions are confident in the abilities and services.

Recent emphasis on the high failure rate of software implementations, with TEC reporting that up to 70 percent fail to meet objectives, has reputable vendors mobilizing to stand out from the pack by providing more clarity and certainty for customer’s currently in the business software selection processes. Value added resellers of all types of business software solutions are opening their company doors to scrutiny by TEC in order to reassure potential clients of their abilities, and to ease clients’ concerns.

TEC reports are prepared for customers seeking to evaluate the services provided by a value-added reseller (VAR), channel partner, implementer, vendor, or consultant. The report, published on February 6, 2012, focuses on recent implementation projects delivered by The Answer Company and provides a detailed overview of how the company performs on project objectives.

The report highlights specific areas that The Answer Company excels in, specifically emphasizing the company’s expertise in developing IT infrastructure & design, systems performance, and speed with which support staff responded to post productions issues. Clients’ overall level of satisfaction in both service and maintenance during, and post, implementation landed square in between ‘exceeded expectations’ and ‘met expectations’, with the company scoring 83 out of 100 possible points in ‘likelihood of using or recommending the Provider’.

"As ERP solutions, in particular Sage X3, become more complex and in demand, it is important that clients know they are dealing with experienced and proven business partners," stated Shawn Ostheimer, founder and president of The Answer Company.

Sarah Gibson, manager-analyst and selection services at TEC added "The Answer Company is the only Sage X3 value-added reseller (VAR) that has completed TEC’s accreditation program to date."

TEC, based out of Montreal, is the leading advocate for clients and buyers of enterprise software, aiming to facilitate the selection process for private and public sector organizations. By examining thousands of functional criteria to rate software solutions and supplementary services, the TEC accreditation and certification process is the most thorough in the industry. TEC Certified providers encompass products and services from all tiers of business software solutions.