Target Logistics, the largest turnkey workforce housing provider in the US, announces the re-opening of its Desert Sage Lodge in Morenci, Greenlee County, Arizona. This 425-person lodge serves one of North America’s largest producers of copper and one of the largest open-pit mines in the world. It had been closed due to a drop in copper prices and changing market conditions.

"We’re excited to see the workers return to the site as production is increased and projects are restarted," says Target Logistics Founder and CEO Brian Lash. "This two-year hiatus provided an opportunity for us to make upgrades for comfort, productivity, safety, air quality and moisture control."

Located in one of the most arid and remote regions of North America, the Desert Sage Lodge is an example of Target Logistics ability to provide comfort in even the harshest conditions. The lodge features:

  • Sleeping quarters with pillow-top mattresses, high thread count sheets, oversized towels, flat-screen satellite television, DVD, desk, wardrobe and housekeeping services
  • 24-hour dining area serving three hot meals a day
  • Site-wide Wi-Fi Internet connectivity and internet café
  • Game and recreation room
  • Gym and fitness area
  • Free self-service laundry
  • TargetMarket™ convenience store
  • Classroom and meeting space
  • Parking and controlled entry access cards

"Superior nutrition, home-style comfort and an array of entertainment and fitness amenities comprise what Target Logistics has coined ‘The Economics of Comfort™’," Lash says. "This first-rate level of service results in greater productivity, lower attrition and fewer onsite accidents for our clients and their employees."

With the re-opening of the 425-bed Desert Sage Lodge, Target Logistics operates 16 properties in North America with more than 5,600 total beds for oil, gas and mine workers:

  • Tioga Lodge – 1,238 Beds (North Dakota)
  • Bear Paw Lodge – 686 Beds (North Dakota)
  • Williston North Lodge – 415 Beds (North Dakota)
  • Williston Cabins – 124 Beds (North Dakota)
  • Muddy River Lodge – 158 Beds (North Dakota)
  • Williams County Lodge – 300 Beds (North Dakota)
  • Judson Executive Lodge – 100 Beds (North Dakota)
  • Dunn County Lodge – 600 Beds (North Dakota)
  • Watford City Lodge – 334 beds (North Dakota)
  • Stanley Hotel – 339 Beds (North Dakota)
  • Stanley Cabins – 96 Beds (North Dakota)
  • Company #9 Mobile Crew Camp – 80 Beds (North Dakota)
  • Carrizo Springs Lodge – 302 Beds (Texas)
  • Pecos Lodge – 200 Beds (Texas)
  • Campamento El Higuero – 225 Beds (Agua Fría, Veracruz, Mexico)

Additional properties, including the 1,000-bed lodge in Odessa, Texas, will begin construction in 2013.