At Stockholm Precision Tools (SPT), we are proud to deliver a second to none 24/7 customer support service, which not only provides confidence to our clients but also a significant competitive edge, in that it helps them to minimise tool downtime as well as securing valuable commercial contracts.

We understand that fast round-the-clock customer support is critical to our clients’ businesses, therefore a team of SPT skilled engineers with the technical knowledge needed will address all issues within five minutes on average in real time either on the phone or online.

By means of a highly advanced system, our technicians will remotely access the software of the tool and perform the necessary tests in order to resolve any technical issues until the tool is fully functional. In the event the tool is to be return to SPT premises for repair, SPT offers clients, in the meantime, the possibility to replace the tool with a new one, which they will receive within three to seven days, depending on their location.

Our proven customer service track record is highly valued by our customers, who specially appreciate our availability when most needed at any time, every day of the week, as well as the timely, competent and effective resolutions offered to any possible technical issue that may arise during the course of a field operation. This is acknowledged by clients as a great asset, since it saves them valuable time and money, eliminates stress, while protecting their equipment, and, most importantly, it helps to guarantee a successful prospecting operation.

Our technical expertise and quality customer service allow our clients to focus on their core business issues while we work 24/7 to build on their business success. That is why our clients know they can depend on SPT for a level of customer support that is leading-edge and unrivalled in the industry.