We design and manufacture specialised shipping and freight containers suitable for storage and transport of hazardous and non-hazardous cargo.

Dry Cargo and Bulk Containers

Our specialised dry cargo containers come in many variations to suit varying cargo uses and storage options. Shown below are some of the configurations that we have designed and provided to many customers worldwide.

Some common configurations include:

  • Tautliner (Curtain Side) Container options include pallet wide, mezzanine decks, gates and load binders
  • Side Door Containers options include pallet wide, standard width, end doors, doors one side only, vented side doors
  • Bulk Containers options include pallet wide, roof, door and front wall loading and/or discharge hatches.
  • Waste Containers options include 20ft or 40ft, removable roof, flat internal walls, pressure relief doors and/or vents
  • Half Height Containers options include tarpaulin or hard top roof, drop down ramp or standard doors, roll over tipping

Transport and Storage Tank Containers for storage of liquids

Our ISO tank containers are predominately manufactured from 316 or 304 stainless-steel and are available in numerous capacities to ship or store a variety of hazardous and non-hazardous liquid materials.

These tanks are approved to international ISO standards, are very versatile and can be equipped with insulation, steam heating, electric heating or refrigeration for products that require temperature control.

Top and/or bottom discharge options, protective linings and other modifications. Products stored or transported by these containers vary from Food grade products non-hazardous and hazardous chemicals.

Container Options’ range of ISO tanks offer benefits such as:

  • Cost-effective storage compared to fixed storage tanks
  • Cost-effective for transport compared to road tankers
  • ISO tank containers are predominately manufactured from 316 or 304 stainless-steel for ease of cleaning
  • International Design approvals, including IMDG T Coded, CFR 49, ADR/RID, CSC, TC, TIR, ISO, US/UK DOT

Bunded Tank Containers

Our range of self-bunded tank containers are double skinned eliminating the requirement for external bunding, we have models which are suitable for transport and/or long and short-term above ground storage of hydrocarbons, including fuels and lubricants. All are containerised for intermodal transport and convenient relocation and come in a range of sizes from 10kl to 100kl.

Our range of tanks has the following features:

  • Sloped floors improve drainage and enable easy collection and removal of water
  • Tank has very clean internal lines, rounded internal corners eliminate stress points and increase useful life expectancy of the tank
  • Design of roof allows all water to run off, no pooling
  • Selected structural components are made from 350Mpa weathering steel for strength and longevity
  • Fill and suction points enter from the roof improving longevity and safe fill levels
  • Fully certified to UL142 & ULC-S601 complete with all vents, decals, dipsticks, alarms and valving, meets Australian Standards AS1940, AS1692 and AS1657. Each tank comes complete with individual quality documentation
  • Can be transported empty as a standard CSC registered containers
  • Models available in 10ft, 20ft, 40ft and 48ft container sizes
  • Customisation such as compartments, sumps, dewatering tubes, epoxy linings, floating suctions, full stainless internals to suit all fuels and oils available to order

We also supply special purpose self-bunded tanks, including:

  • Self-bunded 20ft and 40ft pressure vessels for combination transport, storage and dispensing
  • Stainless-steel bunded tanks for storage and dispensing aviation fuels and chemicals
  • Self-bunded tanks specifically designed for heavy fuel oil and waste oil
  • 20ft transport/storage tank bunded and baffled IMDG/ADR UL142 Compliant

Bitumen Tank Containers

Our Bitumen tank containers are used for the transport and storage of bitumen emulsions, PMBs and heavy fuel oils. They maximise product-carrying capacity within the constraints of a standard ISO shipping slot space. Bitumen thanks are ideal for temporary storage depots and job sites.

  • 20ft tanks store up to 27,000 litres
  • 40ft tanks store up to 65,000 litres
  • Ships as a standard ISO container with full intermodal transport road, rail or sea
  • Heatings systems include direct fire, thermal oil and electric or combinations

Flat Rack Platforms and Bases

Available in 20ft and 40ft flat racks are available in numerous configurations with fixed and collapsible end walls.

Open Top Containers

Available with soft or hard top roof, pneumatically opening hatches. Open Top Containers are great for bulk cargo and over height cargo.