The Sofi Filter provides self-cleaning and fully automated microfiltration starting from 0.25µm up to 40µm. Sofi Filter has a high capacity but low energy consumption; measured flux rates have been 3m³/m²h to 30 m³/m²h (1µm to 10µm element) with as a low as 0.05 kWh/m³ energy use. Sofi Filter’s dynamic cross-flow innovation enables handling water with wide solids concentration from 1 up to 100,000mg/l.

Sofi Filter is very versatile due to its modular structure, and has a number of uses in the mining and mineral processing industry:

  • Removing fine particles from process water
  • Pre-filtering water treatment plant water
  • Recirculating overflow from thickeners, clarifiers and settlers back to mill
  • Treating wastewater at discharge prior to release to nature

Sofi Filter is easily scalable for practically all requirements, from laboratory use to full profile high-capacity industrial installations.