It’s no secret that the mining industry poses many potential risks to both people and the environment, and Sandvik Mining has launched a new environment, health and safety (EHS) campaign to underline the company’s commitment to eliminating those risks.

A series of mini campaigns comprise the 18-month Make it Count initiative, which is centered around a campaign site, which will serve as a portal for communicating the company’s EHS values, vision and performance.

"Environment, health and safety are always at the top of our agenda at Sandvik Mining," said global EHS vice-president Stuart Evans.

"We’ve had many proactive and strategic EHS initiatives over the years, but most have historically been internally focused. It’s more important in our industry today than ever before to share our EHS values and efforts with the outside world so that together we can create a safer working environment."

The equipment manufacturer and service provider is committed to creating healthy and safe workplaces for its people and ensuring that its supply chain process and production of equipment is carried out in sustainable ways.

Sandvik Mining EHS marketing manager Laura Lo Bue said: "The Make it Count slogan reflects that EHS should, and does, count in the choices our employees and customers make today."

"We aim to elevate EHS to a level where it is considered a natural part of our daily lives."

The interactive campaign site currently features a film and information about hand and finger safety, the first of six mini campaigns that make up the rolling initiative. The site also includes a version of the company’s Take 5 risk assessment app.

"We encourage people to visit the site today to meet the friendly moose and trusted canary who will lead this EHS journey via animations and other activities, and to check back on a regular basis to discover more about our various efforts to effect sustainable improvement," Lo Bue said.

"EHS isn’t always viewed as the most exciting subject, but we want to overcome this stigma and use this campaign to make it fun and connect with people of all ages."

Evans added: "Our EHS vision it to eliminate harm to our people, our customers and suppliers and the environments in which we work. This campaign is all about making our actions count. It’s not just about what we’re doing at Sandvik Mining but also about what our customers are doing and how, together, we can further our commitments to EHS."