Sandvik information management solutions, including equipment monitoring and production management, offer a real-time view of the underground mining operation.

These solutions are designed to provide real-time tracking and production control for mining equipment with operators. It provides information online about equipment locations, availability, utilisation, conditions and productivity, as well as possible delays or problems, getting back on track quickly with corrective actions.

Sandvik Mining vice-president, mine automation Riku Pulli said: "The development of our automation offering is the result of years of continuous research, development and close collaboration with our customers.

"Our offering in automation provides sophisticated fleet and information management and interpretation tools that help to reduce the potential for human error, improve operational efficiencies and ultimately help to optimise mining process decisions."

Sandvik Equipment Monitoring provides easy access to data on production, equipment utilisation and condition. Simply and easily check reports from web HMI.

The solution is also scalable from a single equipment solution to a mine-wide monitoring system using an open interface with other mining IT systems for:

  • Tracking and analysis of production data provides a real-time status of the mining operation
  • Equipment health monitoring offers reliable condition data for maintenance scheduling
  • Predictive maintenance ensures optimised maintenance scheduling
  • Open interfaces and integration with other mining IT systems

Sandvik Production Management offers real-time data on production delays and possible problems, as well as task management for shift supervisors. Immediate corrective action can be taken and resources best used to optimise results and productivity. A more advanced Mass Mining Operations version is specially designed for block or panel caving applications and includes tailored interfaces for production planning and smart marker systems, offering:

  • Precise and real-time location tracking for any mobile unit offers visibility of the mining process
  • Low underground infrastructure requirements simplify implementation
  • Installation on any underground equipment or light vehicles is easy
  • Production scheduling offers increased productivity
  • Available for all equipment types, including third party and light utility vehicles
  • Simpler to install, more accurate and robust equipment tracking technology
  • New 3D mine visualisation
  • Improved reporting