Samson® Mobile Material Feeder

In cooperation with AUMUND France, SAMSON Materials Handling announces an order from Sorfert in Algeria for two identical Samson® Material Feeder units designed to receive bulk prilled urea from 30t tipping trucks. These new Samson® Feeders will discharge into the existing SAMSON Shiploaders which have been operational on site at the Aznew Industrial complex since 2010.

Sorfert Algeria is a joint venture between OCI N. V and Sonatrach the state-owned oil and gas authority. AUMUND France has been assisting Sorfert Algeria to develop the mobile materials handling process for many years through the installation of various pieces of equipment.

The Samson® Material Feeders developed for this project are a rubber belted apron design mounted onto a pneumatic wheeled axle under gear. They will convey the prilled urea on a 3m-wide oil and fat resistant belt and discharge via an integral centralising head chute to the SAMSON Shiploader.

The twin feeder configuration chosen by Sorfert considerably reduces downtime. While one Samson® Feeder is receiving the prilled urea the subsequent truck can position itself to discharge to the other Samson® Feeder. The buffer facility of each feeder ensures that material is still conveying to the Shiploader while this repositioning occurs.

Due to the corrosive nature of the material these new Samson® Feeders are fitted with a number of enhanced design and anti-corrosion features to prolong the longevity of the equipment and maintain performance and productivity. Stainless-steel fixings are fitted throughout and electrical sensors and exposed sensitive components are treated with clear plastic resin. For freeflowing particles, the brush strips provide a primary seal to maintain directionality of the material flow. The secondary seal strip further prevents material ingress into the chain.

In a busy port environment, equipment is heavily used and must be robust. These new Samson® Feeders also include a sacrificial truck impact bar to protect the equipment from any impact when positioning loaders.