Roobuck’s subsidiary Kinyun Australia developed and certified the first cordless caplamp in Australia in 2006. Since then, Kinyun has been the largest cordless caplamp supplier in the country with a wide range of models available. Now Kinyun is going to make the same story in another coal mining country, South Africa.

South Africa caplamp standard is the world’s strictest. The latest standard specifies comprehensive lithium battery tests, wide light beam angle, very high illumination in peak and edge positions, comprehensive colour render index requirements and low colour temperature. For this reason there are not any certified cordless caplamps in South Africa yet. All cordless caplamps in the South Africa market can only be used in hard-rock mines and open cut coal mines.

Certified Australian caplamps cannot meet these South African requirements at all. Kinyun submitted an Australian model of caplamp to SABS for certification two years ago; however, SABS released its new caplamp standard in 2013, which is completely different. This makes Kinyun’s Australian model out of date in the South African market. Kinyun scratched the old design and completely designed a new model. After more than one year of development and comprehensive battery tests, the final design to the South African standard is completed. Kinyun has resumed the application and passed battery assessment.

This South African model of cordless caplamp will be exhibited in Mining Indaba on 9 – 12 February, 2015 in Cape Town, South Africa. Roobuck will join Australian Lounge supported by Austrade. Mining Indaba is Africa’s most important mining event and the second largest mining conference and exhibition of its type in the world. Roobuck will also exhibit other products such as flameproof LED headlights for underground mining machines and intrinsically safe hi-vis LED vests.

Detailed information of this event can be found at Austrade’s website.