roobuck LED Strap

Roobuck received IECEx intrinsically safe certificate for their world first LED Strap.

Roobuck Intrinsically Safe (IS) LED Strap can be used to highlight a person, a piece of equipment or a place, to increase visibility in a dark environment. A LED Strap consists of a battery box and an LED strip.

Models RLS-ABR-Ex for red LEDs, and RLS-ABY-Ex for yellow LEDs, have a number of LED bars powered by two AA alkaline batteries contained in a waterproof battery box. Its typical application is a high-visibility (Hi-Vis) workwear. A Hi-Vis product can only reflect incoming light. If this LED Strap is attached to the Hi-Vis workwear, it will actively generate signal in even completely dark environment.

This LED Strap is certified in IECEx as ‘Ex ia’ for both Group I and Group IIB so it can be used in petrochemical environments and in underground coal mines.

There are three operating modes negating different LED signalling. By toggling the operating button on the battery box, the LEDs go through stable-on mode, slow-flashing mode and fast-flashing mode. It always starts up from the stable-on mode when switched on.
The operating duration is 40h, one week work shift. The egress protection rate is IP65.

This product is suitable for applications in LED high-visibility workwear, equipment protection and site warning.

Roobuck has patented LED Strap with Worldwide Pending Patent No. 2014271276.

Image: Roobuck LED Strap. Photo: courtesy of Roobuck.