stockholm precision rig gyroaligner

This February, Mining INDABA conference-goers will get an up-close look at Rig GyroAligner™, Stockholm Precision Tools’ new rugged, highly accurate device that can reference true north in just ten minutes, including warm-up time.

Easy-to-use software is included, which allows the driller to align the drill in minutes, reducing rig set-up time and eliminating the need for GPS, compasses or other referencing methods.

Rig GyroAligner data can be used as a reference point for other SPT products such as the fiber optic gyro, GyroLogic™ and GyroMems.™ The compact Rig GyroAligner provides real-time readings, is unaffected by magnetic interference and can operate above and below ground.

Full specifications, features and benefits are available from the company website.

Image: Rig GyroAligner™ can reference true north in just ten minutes. Photo: courtesy of Stockholm Precision Tools.