Reutech Mining presented a technical talk entitled "Guidelines for Deriving Alarm Settings Based on Pre-Determined Criteria Using the Movement and Surveying Radar (MSR)" at the Instrumentation and Slope Monitoring Workshop on 23 September 2013 that formed part of the International Symposium on Slope Stability in Open Pit Mining 2013 that was held in Brisbane, Australia.

A brief summary of the presentation is given below:

"Radar technology has become entrenched within the mining industry and its implementation, with regard to geotechnical monitoring, is widely regarded as best practice. The Movement and Surveying Radar (MSR) has become a critical element in the early prediction of slope failures in surface mines. Successfully identifying and responding to an imminent failure is however heavily dependent on selecting the appropriate alarm thresholds. This paper will provide guidelines that aim to assist geotechnical engineers with deriving alarm settings based on pre-determined criteria, such as required warning time and expected slope failure profile. Real-world case studies – using MSR field data – will provide further insight into the fundamental radar concepts that are critical to understanding and applying this approach."

Reutech Mining was the principal sponsor of Slope Stability 2013.