REMA TIP TOP Oy, the Finnish subsidiary of REMA TIP TOP AG, has purchased Iin Hihnatyö Oy, a specialist for service, commissioning, maintenance, and repair of conveyor systems. This expands REMA TIP TOP’s portfolio for customers in the industrial conveyor technology industry in Finland, which before was primarily focused on the sale of conveyor belts and the corresponding consumables.

"Internationally, we are known not only for our high-quality standards, but also for our consistent focus on services," states Thorsten Wach, CEO of REMA TIP TOP.

"The acquisition of Iin Hihnatyö is the ideal way to strengthen and expand our service business in Northern Europe."

Longstanding partnership

Before acquiring the company headquartered in Oulu, northern Finland, REMA TIP TOP has long had a partnership with the company, which is reflected in its distinction as an authorized REMA TIP TOP service partner. The acquisition is part of the global corporate strategy of REMA TIP TOP to provide customers with products and services for conveyor technology all from a single source as a complete provider.

"Our investment in Iin Hihnatyö is an investment in an experienced partner with longstanding, good relations with our company and that has been an expert in the industry for years," says REMA TIP TOP Finland CEO Ben Wickström, regarding the acquisition.

Together with Iin Hihnatyö, we are now well-prepared to offer companies in Finland a complete conveyor technology package, from installation to materials and maintenance, which will allow us to make major contributions to our customers’ success," adds Thorsten Wach.

As part of the acquisition, Iin Hihnatyö will also receive direct access to the technological expertise of the REMA TIP TOP Group, allowing for a significant reinforcement in the company’s market position.

Services for a range of industries

The acquisition also includes numerous service contracts with the Finnish heavy manufacturing industry. The segments in which Iin Hihnatyö is active range from the quarry industry in the north to the mining, steel, paper and woodworking industries. The parties involved have agreed not to disclose any financial details of the acquisition.