Short downtimes, long service life, low operating costs – these are all advantages that every operator looks for in their conveyor system. However, the reality is often very different. Handling complex, conveyed goods can lead to significant material wear. Ever larger and longer conveyor routes make it harder to ensure continuity of operation. To help system operators increase the service life of their equipment, REMA TIP TOP presents the REMA M³ system.

The electronic monitoring of individual conveyor belts and the entire belt system involves three systems. The BTM Belt Thickness Monitoring System is used to measure layer thickness for the continuous wear measurement of the drive and running sides of the belt during operation. The measuring procedure is based on robust ultrasonic technology. Continuous monitoring allows the system to predict the expected remaining service life of the belt. Thus, the system can also provide information on any service and maintenance work that may be necessary. This makes it possible to procure a replacement before any damage occurs.

Belt monitoring in real-time

The RFID Belt Rip Detection System is used to monitor the belt in real-time. Thanks to innovative RFID antenna technology, the entire width of the belt can be monitored at once. If a longitudinal slit appears in the belt, the system brings the belt to an immediate standstill. For this purpose, the RFID Belt Rip Detection system can also be integrated within the belt guidance system. This prevents costly repair work. The belt rip detection system can be used with ST, EP and solid woven belts, for both new and existing belts. The Steel Cord Scanning system monitors steel wires and belt connections. The system locates defective wires in the belt and provides a clear graphic display of any problematic points.

Service software connection

The REMA M³ system is completed by the connection to the Computerized Maintenance Management Software. This service software was developed in order to optimise the service processes offered by REMA TIP TOP all around the world. Unlike conventional solutions for system inspections and maintenance, REMA CMMS does not require complex and time-consuming configuration. Thanks to careful programming, combined with decades of know-how and the experienced staff at REMA TIP TOP, the REMA CMMS can be deployed immediately.

The software makes it possible to initiate preventive maintenance measures at an earlier stage, thereby preventing undesirable system downtimes and significantly lowering costs. The benefits of the software are evident in particular in its worldwide 24×7 availability. Irrespective of the location, all systems, components and parameters are continuously accessible to the customer service team. Changes are updated in the system on an ongoing basis, so that all service staff always have access to the same information. As a result, information gaps are minimized and the usual high service quality customers are used to is guaranteed.