Despite the difficult and uncertain economic climate, the EGA Master has experienced a 18% growth mainly as a result of winning two flagship projects in the Middle East. In 2015 EGA Master has taken important steps towards consolidating itself as one of the strongest and most competitive industrial hand tool brands in the industry.

In April 2015 EGA Master successfully delivered its largest order ever for the Sadara Petrochemical project, a joint venture between Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) and Dow Chemicals (USA). KBR, a US based global contractor responsible for the procurement of hand tools for the project, chose EGA Master ahead of other leading European and American brands due to EGA Masters’ wide range of certified premium industrial quality products and its ability to offer a personalised solution. KBR’s satisfaction on the outcome is reflected in an official statement made by the company´s procurement office:

"KBR was very pleased with EGA Master´s responsiveness during the bidding phase and performance throughout the execution phase of the order. EGA Master exemplified excellent customer service, attention to detail and quality work which allowed the order to be inspected and delivered successfully and on-time. KBR would definitely consider working with EGA Mater again should the opportunity arise."

In December 2015, on the other hand, EGA Master successfully delivered an even larger order for the Kuwait Oil Company. EGA Master’s wide range of products and the company’s ability to deliver the entire order within a nine week period were the main reasons why Gulf Spic, an engineering contractor in Kuwait, selected EGA Master as their preferred supplier.

In addition to these two remarkable achievements, in 2015 EGA Master also managed to enter into new markets in Europe and Asia, adding to the 150 countries it already sells to, and further consolidating its global presence and its strong position for growth both in the short and medium term.