R1C power nozzle

Within the BIC, the three platinum limbs have a heavy concentration of mining houses due to the rich platinum reef found here.

Afri-Tech has been concentrating on assisting our client within the Eastern Limb of this complex and is proud to announce the successful installation of the Afri-Tech Power Nozzle. The client, similar to many others within the Eastern Limb, had a problem with sticky reef not flowing through their processing plants. The client suggested that the Afri-Tech Power Nozzle might be exactly what they are looking for to solve the flotation section blockages. The problem, platinum bubbles are so sticky they stop the process flow. The solution is to burst the bubbles with a light spray of water, being careful to not add too much water to the process.

With a slight adjustment to the Power Nozzle design, Afri-Tech was able to supply our client with a Power Nozzle unit to suite their need. The advantage of using the Power Nozzle in this environment is that the Power Nozzle can be installed in a relatively inaccessible area for regular maintenance. When the Power Nozzle becomes blocked due to debris in the water it can be flushed remotely. This unique design saves time and money in the sense that no stoppages are needed in order to unblock the Power Nozzle. Due to the large adjustment range available, the Power Nozzle can be used in high-volume or low-volume applications.

Our success on the Eastern Limb has made such a positive impact on our clients that they are busy preparing standardisation documentation in order to implement the Power Nozzle installation as a group standard on all plants.

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