Oxifree Metal Protection is proud to be sponsoring the Climax Motorsport team inthe upcoming ADAC Zurich 24 Hour Race at the Nurburgring Nordschleife track in Germany.

The event, taking place 26-29 May, will see more than 200 vehicles racing for 24 hours around the longest race track in the world.

The Nordschleife is the most iconic racetrack in Europe and any event held here is a major challenge on the motorsport calendar. The grueling 24 hour race is no exception.

Oxifree will be welcoming new and key members of its European distribution network to the event in order to educate them on new products and promote networking between the major jurisdictions of France, Britain, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. It will be an opportunity to educate, share best practice and explore sales opportunities trackside to a thrilling event.

"This sponsorship allows us to combine a passion for motor racing (felt throughout our company) with fundamental business development at one of the most famous race tracks in Europe, maybe even the world. As a small company we are proud to celebrate and support a small racing team competing and holding their own in a competition dominated by the finest mainland European teams. Their determination and dedication echoes through to our company and we feel it’s a perfect fit." Comments Ed Hall, Oxifree Global’s managing director.

Climax Motorsport
Climax Motorsport, a small British racing team specialising in BMWs, has been competing in VLN at the Nurburgring Nordschleife since 2014. The team car is a 21-year-old BMW E36 M3 that, despite its age, is very competitive in its class . The car needs to be able to sustain 31 hours of driving with revs regularly reaching 7500 rpm, (7 hours qualifying + 24 hours of race time), this is a mean feat for any car, let alone one that is 20+ years old!

To achieve this the car had to be stripped down and the engine and gearbox refreshed, seals, gaskets and bearings replaced, then the whole thing rebuilt. From there it is a science of planning stops for most efficiency; fuel performance, tyres, brake wear and pit stops.

The team’s success to date is credit to everyone’s dedication and hard work. It was featured last year in BMW Car Magazine both before and after its first entry into the N24 race in 2015. Finishing 69th last year, 4th in class and setting the 2nd fastest lap in class, the car didn’t experience a single mechanical issue and only changed the front brake pads after 21 hours. It was even achieving fast laps in the 23rd hour – a total credit to the team and the BMW.

"It is not a race to be entered into lightly, but it is truly exhilarating – there is nothing bigger or more prestigious than racing in the Nurburgring 24 hour with 180 race cars and over 250,000 spectators. We are delighted to welcome Oxifree as our main sponsor this year." says Simon Glenn, Owner/Driver.