MinLog is delighted to announce a further extension of its valued relationship with Olympic Dam by being chosen to deliver its MineSuite’s FleetAdvisor offering for automating the load and haul data acquisition process.

This follows successful PDA Proof of Concept initiative and provides for equipment performance, material movement and equipment time accounting information. In addition, it also serve to provide the equipment operators with information. For example, the loader operator will be able to view the truck payload on a bucket by bucket basis in real-time in order to optimise payload in an environment where varying material densities are at the order of the day.

The objectives of the project are to provide for end of period load and haul performance reporting, material movement and product tracking, data integration with third-parties, as well as for improvement in operational efficiency.

The Load and Haul Process Data Automation initiative will leverage the existing UGV Proximity Awareness System (MineSuite FleetSafe) that has been in operation at Olympic Dam since 2013. It will provide for an end-to-end integrated environment and for a single on-board operators interface providing proximity awareness, inner-zone protection, reverse camera, OEM interfaces and process data automation.

It will make use of MinLog’s unique DSF technology (without which this initiative would not be feasible) to find the quickest data route between the face equipment and the server and vice versa in order to ensure robust and ‘timely’ data transfer in an environment providing for less than 1% communications coverage underground.

The PDA initiative will be implemented in a manner to cater for the future extension of the system to provide for Fleet Management as well as a Production management (short interval control).