Michael NischOn 1st November 2012, Michael Nisch will start at Loesche ThermoProzess GmbH (LTP) in Gelsenkirchen as sales director for Thermo Process Technology and member of the management team.

Michael Nisch is 44 years old and has previously worked for a heat technology company as manager for sales and services in Germany and abroad.

Loesche ThermoProcess (LTP) in 2012, arising from the heating technology section of UCON KG, construct, build and supply solutions for thermo process technology with all associated products such as industrial burners and hot gas generators on an
international basis.

In his function as sales director and member of the management at LTP, Michael Nisch will be responsible for the acquisition of new clients as well as for the support of existing clients.

He will challenge the implementation of a sales force to serve the different industries in cooperation with sales activities of Loesche. The coordination of the new international marketing concept for LTP will also be one of his future competences.

Actual and future projects of Loesche in Duesseldorf and their subsidiaries worldwide will also be supported and coordinated by Michael Nisch.