Stefan Swartling has been appointed Managing Director for LKAB Wassara AB. He assumed his new position in 27 September 2013.

Stefan is 49 years old and lives in Stockholm with his family. Before joining LKAB Wassara as the Marketing Director in Mach 2012, he worked for Xylem Inc. (previously ITT Flygt Pumps) with strategic business development and implementation of Six Sigma programs. He also has a long experience of marketing and export sales in several positions.

-"This is a further challenge within LKAB Wassara – to step into the MD role adds another dimension to an already stimulating job at Wassara. Wassara is a fantastic company with unique products, huge growth potential with worldwide opportunities, for me it would be difficult to find a better job.", Stefan says.

– "Our absolute biggest challenge is to accelerate our external sales of hammers and water-powered drilling systems for ground engineering, dam rehabilitation, mineral exploration and of course production drilling in underground mines round the world. At LKAB Wassara we have competent, innovative and engaged coworkers, this is our biggest asset and a key factor for continued growth.", Stefan adds.

Stefan is succeeding the position after Peter Schmid, who joined the mother company LKAB as Marketing Senior Vice President Sales in June.