In July 2012, Loesche ThermoProzess GmbH (LTP) moved into new business premises in the north of Gelsenkirchen, Germany.

Consequentially, the move was accompanied by the integration of the Thermal Engineering sector of UCON AG Containersysteme KG into the Loesche group, which took effect on 1 April 2012. As a spokesperson for the company explains, the decision for the location was based on its excellent connection to the transportation infrastructure, the ample space at the production site, and on the bright and pleasant offices that were converted in order to meet the specific needs of Loesche ThermoProzess.

Apart from a rented workshop space of 1,260 m² for the production of thermal systems and burners for gaseous, powdered, liquid, and pasty fuels, the 400 m² of office space over two floors fulfil the increased requirements in terms of infrastructure and equipment. "These were strong arguments for offering our current 29 employees new perspectives concerning the future of our company", explains Matthias Authenrieth, Managing Director of TLP.

The new premises were officially opened in August by the Mayor of Gelsenkirchen, Frank Baranowski, and the business developer Joachim Hampe. During a tour of the company, the two city representatives visited the converted premises and praised the high level of efficiency and the clear structure. "Our move to this new location not only means a geographic change of the work environment", explains Mr Authenrieth as a company spokesman to the representatives of the city of Gelsenkirchen, "it also symbolises new perspectives and innovation – not only within LTP, but also throughout the entire Loesche group."

The company has been developing, designing, and supplying industrial burner systems in a variety of variants for industrial use for more than 60 years. The products of the new Loesche ThermoProzess GmbH will be marketed under the brand name Loesche & Küppersbusch.