Brokk, a world leading manufacturer of remote-controlled demolition robots, introduces yet another new machine, the Brokk 280. The new robot features more power, the all-new Brokk SmartPowerTM electrical system, and a new rugged design with a combination of good looks and durability for tough environments.

Featuring a reach of 6.2m and a weight of 3,150kg, the Brokk 280 enters the upper midrange of Brokk’s extensive line-up of demolition robots. The machine was introduced on April 11th at Bauma in Germany, and will be available for delivery in September this year.

Brokk 280 – More Power

Leveraging Brokk’s 40 years of experience in designing and building demolition robots, the Brokk 280 features 20% increased demolition performance over its predecessor in the segment. The machine delivers both a harder punch with each blow of the breaker and more blows per minute. And all this comes without sacrificing any of the compactness and flexibility that Brokk machines are known for.

Brokk SmartPower™

With the announcement of Brokk 280, Brokk also introduces an all-new electrical system; Brokk SmartPower™. The new intelligent system optimises performance of the machine based on factors such as the quality of the power supply, the environment and more. In addition, the new system is designed from scratch for the extreme work environments of Brokk machines. This means unparalleled reliability and industry leading serviceability.

For Brokk customers, Brokk SmartPower makes it possible to run the machine on lower quality power supply and provides increased availability of the machine over its entire lifetime.

New Design

Just because Brokk prioritises performance, reliability and ergonomics, it doesn’t mean that the machines cannot be good-looking as well. The Brokk 280 sports a new design that not only adds hardened parts and details, but also adds good looks to the work sites. This goes for just about every detail, such as the new protection for the LED headlights, the reinforced corners of the machine and the new steel gray colour that adds an additional level of resistance to dirt and scratches.


The Brokk 280 carries all the same attachments as its predecessor, the Brokk 260. This means that the machine can be equipped with a full range of tools from day one, such as breakers, crushers, scabblers, buckets, grapples, drills, shotcretes, beam grapples, and rock splitters.