My Leapfrog

ARANZ Geo, developer of 3D geological modelling software Leapfrog®, has released the My Leapfrog web portal to enable Leapfrog users to easily access all of their Leapfrog information in one place. Via My Leapfrog, users have instant and easy access to training, downloads, support, help files, connection with other users, and a forum.

Richard Ertel, CTO of ARANZ Geo says, "My Leapfrog gives geologists easy access to help files, support and online training where they can track progress through each course. Users can also modify their profile and access a forum to share knowledge and discuss topics with other users in the Leapfrog community."

Making the most of Leapfrog

My Leapfrog provides reassurance that geologists have access to the right tools and information to get maximum value out of Leapfrog. My Leapfrog’s online training modules help users get started with Leapfrog Geo and Leapfrog Central. More training modules will be released in the future. My Leapfrog will also showcase the Leapfrog blog and the latest news and events.

Community discussion forum

The forum enables discussion on any Leapfrog related topic. Users and contributors can post their ideas and feedback and connect with other Leapfrog community members.

Ertel says, "If users are looking for a solution, another member of the forum can share their knowledge and help. It gives users the opportunity to share and publish this valuable knowledge, not just amongst themselves but the wider community including product development, all contributing to better solutions in the long run.

"Prior to the forum users frequently responded to blogs and linked-in posts, so this formalises the process and helps ensure this vital knowledge isn’t lost. Users are also able to search a specific topic for answers or directly ask the forum a question."
Submit support requests

The My Leapfrog portal allows users to submit support requests and to manage these requests simply and easily. Users can also download the latest versions of software and access Leapfrog’s comprehensive online help for Leapfrog Geo, Leapfrog Hydro, Leapfrog Geothermal, Leapfrog Mining, and the Leapfrog Viewer.

ARANZ Geo managing director, Shaun Maloney says, "My Leapfrog has been specifically designed to bring Leapfrog information together in a uniform way. It can be configured to be very specific to each user. The dynamic environment of the portal provides an ideal opportunity for the geological community to collaborate and share ideas, and will allow us to deliver more interactive capabilities in the future."

ARANZ Geo solutions harness information to extract value, bring meaning and reduce risk. We turn complex data into geological understanding, provide timely insight and give decision makers confidence.