Mine Master’s remarkable success is based on the longevity and reputation of its underground drilling equipment – drills and bolters – over 1,300 have been sold over the last 40 years. It’s also the company’s ability to offer a high degree of customisation, offering a large number of options and designs to suit specific drilling processes.

Although the company is intensely active on foreign markets such as Turkey, South Africa, Chile, Peru, Kazakhstan and Estonia, still the majority of Mine Master underground drilling equipment is in service in KGHM Polska Miedź S.A.

Following specific demands of the mine, the company introduced a new monitoring system on the rigs sold this year to KGHM. The system monitors the work of the machine and gives information about its current condition. It helps to diagnose the problems occurring in different systems in a prompt and very precise way. The on-line connection with the machine allows quick and professional diagnosis without losing time while waiting for qualified services. It contributes to the greater availability of the equipment.

Mine Master offers the following monitoring systems: Basic Monitoring System (BMS), Drilling Monitoring System (DMS), Feeder Guiding System (FGS), Bolt Counting System (BCS) and semi-automatic and full-automatic systems supporting the drilling and bolting process. Each of them can be upgraded by different functions according to individual customer’s needs. The flexibility and opennes for specific needs of our final customers are the main aim of Mine Master’s strategy.