Customer satisfaction is the ultimate aim of any business. Listening to and acting on the demands of the market top the list of actions required to gain and retain customer loyalty. M&J Engineering’s focussed hands-on approach, which ensures that all Weba Chute Systems and transfer points operate as per the original design and engineering parameters, has resulted in a satisfied customer base.

Meeting the needs of customers begins at the consultation stage and continues through the design of the system, the installation, inspections and problem solving. "M&J Engineering is so confident of its design methodology that we offer the end user a performance warranty. Proof of our ability to proactively provide best practice solutions is evident in the 3,300 Weba chutes doing duty in the bulk material handling industry worldwide," Faizel Mahomed, after sales manager at M&J Engineering, points out.

"Apart from the application requirements of each chute and transfer point system, we also need to focus on the safety considerations. All mining houses have stringent, albeit differing, health and safety rules and regulations that change regularly. It is important that M&J Engineering factors in all eventualities with regard to on-site health and safety," Mahomed continues.

"We need to meet each mine’s requirements in terms of induction, training and medicals for our employees. By complying with on-site procedures and policies, we are able to provide customers with uncompromising support," he says.

Smooth installations

While M&J Engineering has a fully-fledged installation team, the company also appoints recognised and reputable sub contractors where appropriate. "We carefully evaluate their workmanship and other aspects of their operations to ensure that they meet our high standards. Generally we would use sub-contractors where two or three installations are being undertaken simultaneously, in order to ensure that no customer’s time schedule is compromised, if possible" says Mahomed.

Mahomed explains that often a number of contractors are simultaneously working on a site. "This requires careful planning in order to dovetail the various activities. We ensure that all health and safety compliances are achieved and that the necessary components are on site. Our installation team is able to leverage the experience gained on a multitude of projects to prevent any delays."

The commissioning phase is undertaken according to the customer’s project schedule and any issues are addressed and resolved at this stage. "Each installation has unique elements and the chutes are engineered using specific data and information gathered from the customer. Our support team is trained to instantly assess and alleviate unforeseen spillages, high wear and blockages through consultation with our chief designer and engineering department," says Mahomed.

Mahomed adds that amendments to the original commissioning plan can often be undertaken telephonically. "We recognise that reducing downtime is critical so we remedy the situation as rapidly as possible."

After commissioning a system, M&J Engineering remains involved with the customer. "By implementing planned maintenance of the chutes we are able to ensure that any issues are resolved before they become problematic. We advise customers to invest in a formalised maintenance contract to keep the transfer points functioning optimally. The maintenance contract includes provision for a technician to visit the site regularly to inspect and monitor all transfer points," says Mahomed.

M&J Engineering constantly refines its business model to provide maximised customer benefit. "In evidence of this, we opened a Northern Cape facility last year, to provide improved customer service and faster turnaround times to the local market. In addition, we have also divided the projects and drawing office into two separate departments. This will ensure that all contractual obligations are met and jobs are delivered timeously and to the required specifications," Mahomed points out.

"We have developed close relationships with our customers. We believe this can be attributed largely to our willingness to listen to and implement their specific requirements. Our integrity has been tested and affirmed with respect to our promise to provide support, irrespective of the site location. The best testament to our success in achieving customer satisfaction is the quantity of repeat work we receive from our customers over extended periods of time," Mahomed concludes.