roof support

Temporary mobile roof support Roof Master 2.4S for Estonian customer.

Well-known producers of mining and tunnelling equipment – GHH Fahrzeuge and Mine Master – are entering the Peruvian market together with a local reputable company – Crosland Tecnica.

Both companies have more than 40 years of experience in their business, which have grown in the mining environment.

Both companies have customer approach and customised their products to suit and fulfil customer expectations. Such an approach has been customary, for example, where a dedicated temporary mobile roof support was developed for Estonian customer, to improve their safety and cost savings programme. Thanks to the dedicated TMRS machine, the customer was able to reduce the cost of bolting materials by more than 45%.

Very often Mine Master develops dedicated new types of machines to be used in specific environments such as Face Master 1.7L, where it will be used in continuously changing environmental conditions including 50°C, 98% humidity and H2S gas occurrence.

Mine Masters is not afraid to take on the challenge and where we see potential in the market, we go with a suitable, modified product, like Face Master 2.8MPD for Australia.

Our completely new narrow vein machine Face Master 2.5NVDR, with unique tramming capability (high performance and powerful hydrostatic traction combined with central articulation and oscillation), provides excellent tramming performance as never achieved before.