PT. Parts Sentra Indomandiri (PSI Drilling) is a mineral exploration drilling company that was established in the seaside city of Balikpapan in July 2004.

PSI Drilling’s success is entrenched in their ability to excel above the competition, with 300 dedicated employees and customer support 24h a day for 365 days of the year.

PSI Drilling have been using MEX since 2011 at four sites across Indonesia with no issues in terms of the MEX Software and only minor issues relating to currency exchange. Over four years PSI Drilling have found the benefits of MEX and MEX Support to outweigh any inconveniences.

With MEX greatly improving the speed and efficiency of maintenance operations and MEX Stores enabling sufficient spare parts and simplifying financial reporting.

"We rely heavily on the stores cataloguing module to ensure we have sufficient spare parts and equipment readily available."