McElroy, which manufacturers one of the most extensive lines of thermoplastic fusion machines used worldwide, has opened an office and demonstration facility in Bangalore, India, devoted to sales, rentals and technical service.

"We see a tremendous need in India for better infrastructure to help grow its economy and improve its citizens’ daily lives," said Peggy Tanner, executive vice-president of international market development at McElroy. "It’s very exciting to play a role in helping shape a better future for such an important and emerging part of the world."

McElroy’s fusion machines are widely used to join polyethylene pipe in potable water, sewer, chemical, compressed gases and low-pressure natural gas applications. McElroy also manufactures machines to fuse polypropylene pipe which is used in a variety of indoor plumbing systems. Both pipe systems are recognised for their leak-free, long-lasting and corrosive-resistant qualities.

India’s population is expected to surpass China by 2028 as the world’s largest populated country, with more than 1.4bn people. Those younger than 35 represent the majority of the population who desire a better quality of life with the conveniences of indoor plumbing, sewer systems, access to electricity and a dependable road system to expedite their daily transportation needs.

McElroy has sales and technical staff in Bangalore headed up by its regional director, Bharath Rao. An assistant sales manager in Bangalore is responsible for the south of India, and future regional sales managers are slated to be added in Mumbai and New Delhi within the next few months. Technical service and training will be conducted out of the Bangalore office for both the fusion and fintube products.

McElroy also has offices in Australia, Brazil, Chile, and the United Kingdom, along with an extensive North American and international distributor network.