McElroy is pleased to announce the addition of a new distributor to serve pipe fusion machine customers throughout Louisiana.

Industrial Municipal Supply Co (IMSCO) of Geismar, Louisiana, joins McElroy’s expanding network of North American distributors, offering the world’s most extensive line of fusion machines and tools for thermoplastic pipe.

IMSCO has 40 years of experience in custom fusion service, on-site fabrication and maintenance on McElroy machines in addition to being a supplier of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, valves and fittings.

"IMSCO’s extensive background in pipe fusion makes them a natural fit as a distributor of our machines, and we are very happy to bring them aboard," said president Chip McElroy of McElroy. "Building reliable pipelines requires reliable equipment. Together, we play a crucial role in building the world’s best infrastructure."

IMSCO will sell McElroy equipment for both HDPE pipe used commonly on large-scale water, industrial and natural gas projects, as well as polypropylene pipe, which is emerging in the indoor plumbing and mechanical market.

"We are honoured to be affiliated with a premiere manufacturer such as McElroy," said IMSCO owner Ooly LeJeune. "We take immense pride in providing the reliability and customer service that have been the values of IMSCO for years as we pursue this new opportunity and expanded role of distribution throughout North America to ensure the ultimate success of customer projects."