Haver & Boecker Hydro Clean

There are a variety of ways in which new technology can be introduced in the processing channel. One that offers evidence of extreme profit potential is advanced mineral washing technology.

This benefits a coal mining operation in two ways; by increasing the amount of sellable product and decreasing resource consumption.

Implementing advanced washing technology enhances coal mining operations and helps reveal opportunities for additional profit.

Carving out a profit

Advanced high-pressure washing systems can turn coal refuse into a sellable product by blasting away tough, sticky deposits using only water. The Hydro-CleanTM system, for example, features high-pressure water nozzles that rotate at 100rpm to efficiently remove dirt and clay deep from crevices inside the coal. They process as much as 360t per hour with as little as one pass. This significantly increases the material’s Btu value, allowing operators to sell product at a higher price and turn a profit on what was once waste material.

Less consumption, greater savings

High-pressure washers save money when compared to traditional washing systems by helping reduce the mine’s resource consumption. These systems require no more than 300hp to operate and use about 15% less energy than alternative methods.

With their smaller footprint, high-pressure washers are built lighter and smaller than traditional washing systems, the largest model weighing in at about 8t. And, depending on the type of high-pressure washer, the systems might use up to 75% less water than conventional washing systems.

If you’d like to know more, contact us to see how a high-pressure washing system benefits your mining operation. We’ll even test your materials so that you can calculate your return-on-investment (ROI) before you buy.