In January 2011, Loesche Energy Systems (LES) celebrated its fifth birthday. Founded in January 2006, LES handles Loesche business for the worldwide fuel-grinding markets for power generation.

Operating in the power market presents unique challenges for LES. The Loesche name is still on its way to being the number one in the world, so fierce competition is often faced. LES successes have been achieved by proving to customers the effectiveness of the LOESCHE product and the reliability of the Loesche name.

The LES business strategy in the power market has always focused on two core services, which are design and installation of coal mills (including biomass mills) for new-build plants and retrofitting Loesche dynamic classifiers to existing coal mills to improve performance and efficiency. These services are provided to customers with a choice of supply-only or full turnkey options, as well as anything in between!

LES customers are primarily boiler manufacturers and EPC companies for new-build power plants; they are operators or corporate owners in the case of dynamic classifier retrofits. In 5 years, LES has supplied or have orders for over 50 coal mills up to size LM 35.3 D and, including projects delivered with the support of Loesche Mills Shanghai (LMS), over 280 dynamic classifier retrofits to existing coal mills.

LES focus has always been on a pro-active sales focus as well as delivering a reliable and efficient service throughout projects and has developed a results-driven and efficient Projects department to handle any business LES take on. This is backed up by in-house Procurement for project support as well as a solutions-focused Sales department.

Looking from the past 5 years to the future, whenever a customer requires that their boiler combustion and output be improved or their emissions reduced, whether on an existing plant or a new one, LES is always ready to respond with the full range of Loesche products and services to achieve a first-class result.