LOESCHE’s innovative Compact Plant design for cement grinding plants was another important reason for NURYOL Cimento to choose a LOESCHE Vertical Roller Mill for cement grinding.

The new LOESCHE Compact Plant design eliminates the necessity for a large and expensive mill building, leading to massive savings in required plant plot, in cost for structural steelworks and civil works as well as in erection time.

This is, amongst other LOESCHE innovations in this direction, possible due to LOESCHE’s newly developed LDC classifier. This classifier is equipped with a patented gas flow straightener called ‘VORTEX Rectifier’ which ensures an already homogeneous airstream at the classifier exit. Due to that a horizontal mill exit directly into the mill filter is possible. This leads for example into a reduced pressure drop of the mill system hence into savings in the specific power consumption of the complete grinding system.

In Turkey, LOESCHE works together with their Partners from Taylan-Etker T.L.S. with head office in Istanbul.