On behalf of Dangote Industries, the management of Sinoma International Engineering Co. Ltd (NCDRI) placed another order for Loesche vertical roller mills for the cement plant Ibese Line 3 and 4.

Having delivered equipment for Ibese 1 and 2, Loesche has now been awarded with a contract for Ibese 3 and 4. Sinoma International Engineering Co. Ltd (NCDRI), which has for many years been a satisfied customer of Loesche Mills, has once again decided for Loesche’s vertical roller mills.

Fife Loesche Mills will be included in the process: for the raw material grinding plant two Loesche Mill Type LM 69.6 will be installed for the grinding of cement raw material at a product range of 450 t/h (max.540 t/h) with a fineness of 10% R DIN 0,09mm. The mill motor capacity for the LM 69.6 will be 6.000 kW.

Clinker with components such as gypsum and limestone will be ground in the three Loesche Mills Type LM 63.3+3C to be erected in the clinker grinding plant. The product rate of clinker type CEM I A-L 42,5 will be 310 t/h at 3.200 Blaine while the product rate of clinker type CEM II 32,5 will be 335-360 t/h at 3.200 to 3.500 Blaine. The mill motor capacity for the three LM 63.3+3C will be 6.300 kW.

As for the project Ibese 1 and 2, the high moisture of the material of up to 20% and the sticky nature of the raw material were a special challenge in this project as well as the low grindability of the cement raw material.

Additionally to the mills and the mill motors Loesche will deliver metal detectors and hopper discharge feeders. The supply is a split-up of Loesche key parts and a Chinese manufactured portion arranged by Sinoma International under supervision of Loesche.

Delivery is scheduled at the end of 2013.