The presentation Loesche and Lintec’s latest development at Linstal in Poland on the 13 October 2011 was highly successful.

To an international audience Loesche presented their latest development based on long-term experience in coal grinding technology and plant engineering. The first containerized coal grinding plant (CGP) is fully automated, ready for operation.

By integration of the Coal Grinding Plant into 100 % ISO sea containers the plant is mobile and enables low transport charges for worldwide operation.

Loesche have packed more than 100 years of experience in coal grinding technology and plant engineering into a few seaworthy containers, representing a very compact and efficient Coal Grinding Plant.

Loesche has designed the new CGP for the grinding of all types of coal possible, from dried, lignite to anthracite with a grain feed size from 5-30 mm. The fineness size range of coal dust will be from 5%R 90μm to 45%R 90μm with a possible production of 2-4 t/h coal dust.

The emission values correspond to TA air (German regulations) while the safety concept was designed according to ATEX (optional NEC). Additionally, the new CGP plant can be installed for our customers worldwide, as it may be installed at environmental temperatures between -30 and +40 °C.

Some of the advantages of this plant include standardised plant design, simplified approval procedure, delivery period of six months, installation and commissioning of three weeks, adaptation to the required output at the location, high on-site mobility, short implementation, investment can be financed or leased, high economic efficiency through substitution of gas or oil with coal, fast amortization, low transport costs, no foundation required, weather protection for plant components, full factory trial run before delivery and short supply times for spare parts due to standardisation.