OGPmobileFor the development, construction and the first operation of the OGPmobile, Loesche GmbH was rewarded with the International Mining Magazine Award 2011.

The OGPmobile is a containerized mobile ore grinding plant and was presented in the International Mining Magazine 07/08/2011 for the first time. In this publication the Ore team of Loesche GmbH described the various possibilities of grinding with the containerized OGPmobile and about the advantages of dry-grinding of ores in the Loesche vertical roller mill.

The first operational runs of the OGPmobile at the beginning of 2012 in Turkey were concluded successfully. Meanwhile the plant has been transported to South Africa where the unit will be in operation with a number of clients for a period of a few months. The grinding of a variety of ores and different prerequisites demand some careful preparation and coordination of the grinding tests.

The current operational runs have proven that the containerised concept of this laboratory plant with its compact plant design is in a position to meet the different local, climatic and technological requirements to a full extent. The transport, as well as installment and dismantling of the plant, can be easily organized in cooperation with the client.

To point out the most important advantages of this OGPmobile plant, its high availability and the capability to respond to changes in
material feed and different process requirements as well as difficult climatic conditions should be mentioned. The replicable results not only convinced the clients but also served the Loesche Ore Team as a basis for their plant layout.

Together with the clients, the Loesche Ore Team is convinced that testing on site can prove and underline the advantages and strengths of the Loesche grinding technology compared to conventional grinding systems.

The installation on site enables Loesche to run effective tests with sufficient and representable amounts of material. Local client’s laboratories can be advantageously used for direct analysis as well as tests regarding the impact of the grinding product on downstream processes.

Together with the support of experts on the client’s side, the Loesche team use the results as a basis for optimisation of the Loesche grinding system for the individual client’s requirements.

The implementation of Loesche vertical mills has a large number of positive influences on the economic as well as ecological balance
in the process of grinding and in the following processes with the product ground in a Loesche mill. Nowadays these facts are wellknown and accepted by a large number of experts in the building industry worldwide. A large number of clients therefore are interested in personally finding out about these advantages of the alternative grinding technology for their specific raw material.
This is shown by the increased interest in Loesche grinding technology and numbers ofbookings for the OGPmobile.