Milex Technologies is bringing its innovative concepts in LED lighting to the Las Vegas MINExpo show, 26-29 September.

Extensively researched, engineered and job-site tested, Milex Light Towers are designed to provide maximum illumination, ease of set-up and economy of operation to any mining or construction operation.

New to this year’s show is the recently introduced Milex Satellite Light Tower that can operate from virtually any 120 VAC source; a powered light tower, free-standing generator, household outlet, etc.

Each Milex Light Tower incorporates four Hella HypaLUME work lights, providing over 100,000 lumens of daylight balanced light output while drawing only 1KW of power. All Milex Light Towers, powered and satellite, are mounted on a compact, highway legal trailer chassis that can be towed by any vehicle. The Milex designed and engineered five-point stabilisation footprint, suitable for high wind environments, is standard on all units.

Stop by booth 8400 at the Las Vegas MINExpo and check out Milex’s revolutionary approach to industrial lighting.