Leapfrog has been named the official 3D software modelling partner in the Integra Gold Corp Gold Rush competition to uncover the next big gold discovery in Canada’s Val-d’Or, Québec. The announcement was made today by Integra Gold Corp, and Leapfrog developer ARANZ Geo.

Integra Gold will release a digital database built from 6TB of proprietary mining and exploration data it owns on gold production on the Sigma / Lamaque mines in Val-d’Or, Quebec, in a public crowdsourcing challenge to uncover the next big gold discovery in the region.

Leapfrog Gold Rush licenses

A Gold Rush edition of Leapfrog software will be provided to all challenge participants to help them analyse and interpret the data, and to come up with a plan on where they think Integra has the best chance of making a major gold discovery for a share of a C$1m prize.

Shaun Maloney, CEO of ARANZ Geo says: "We know that many of our Leapfrog users will be keen to take part in the challenge.

"By offering all participants a Leapfrog Gold Rush license for the duration of the competition we’re creating an even playing field and opening up the competition to a wider pool of online prospectors including students and others who haven’t got access to a company licence for a private project."

Integra Gold’s president and CEO, Stephen de Jong, says: "The Integra Gold Rush is one of the largest mining industry focused crowdsourcing analytical competitions ever.

"We want competitors to have the tools in hand to bring the most innovative and exciting proposals to the table. Leapfrog was our number one geological modelling choice and we’re excited to see what the competition and Leapfrog uncovers."

Competitors will have access to more than 70 years of historic mining and exploration history. Integra Gold will be looking for the most original and innovative ideas to lead them to the gold.

The right tool for the job

Leapfrog is the ultimate geological modelling tool for dealing with large, complex data sets and is one of the most intuitive modelling software on the market. Leapfrog’s FastRBF engine is able to handle well over a million points and interpolation is completed in one go on a standard PC.

Maloney says: "Leapfrog will let competitors get truly creative and fully explore their ideas and develop multiple models and hypotheses.

"Getting started with new modelling software just wouldn’t be achievable with other solutions but Leapfrog is intuitive enough for first timers to get to grips with over the duration of the competition."

Crafted thoughtfully for the geologist, Leapfrog has a beautifully simple interface with logical workflows.

Leapfrog delivers direct from data modelling to make use of the latest information. Users retain full control over the constraints, obviating the need for time consuming manual wire framing.

The speed of Leapfrog’s FastRBF engine enables multiple models and hypotheses to be considered, allowing geologists to take an incremental, more robust and scientific approach.

Help for new Leapfrog users

Leapfrog will provide videos and run webinars regionally from Leapfrog’s offices around the globe to help new users.

Participants are free to use any other modelling software for the competition but the Leapfrog GoldRush licences are a great opportunity to try Leapfrog says Maloney.

Integra Gold Rush Challenge

Participants can compete individually or as part of an online prospecting team in Integra’s Gold Rush Challenge.

In 2000 Goldcorp set a similar challenge and it proved very profitable for the company and also enabled participants to gather tens of thousands of dollars in prize money

For more information, please contact Leapfrog.