McElroy has further improved jobsite efficiency with the creation of the OneFit™ Inserts.

The OneFit Inserts make it possible to butt fuse a range of pipe sizes on a single McElroy machine. The single insert design is a great advantage because it fits directly into the jaws of the machine without the need for additional master or nesting inserts. As a result, fewer items need to be stored, moved and installed. It is the perfect application when trying to fit a single or odd pipe size.

One person can easily install the OneFit Inserts because of its lightweight aluminium construction. The inserts were successfully tested to the maximum fusion force on pipe with a DR 7 wall thickness to ensure their durability and strength. They are serrated to hold pipe firmly in place during fusion.

OneFit Inserts are currently available in 36in and 48in jaw sizes. McElroy continues to offer their nesting butt fusion inserts and mitered inserts used to fabricate segmented ells.