Maintenance Experts is proud to announce the worldwide release of the all new Version 15. A comprehensive maintenance management programme that is now fully browser-based.

Maintenance Experts are one of the leading developers of computerised maintenance management, with over 10,000 users worldwide and customers in nearly every country.

V15 is the latest in software development and innovation, with a whole host of improvements and enhancements that have been vigorously tried and tested, and are now available to you.

"The overall aim of MEX V15 was to provide our customers with easy access to their MEX System by providing a cross platform product through the transfer of MEX to HTML 5 said Matthew Calcutt, head of research and development at MEX.

"MEX V15 has been years in the making, we’ve tried and testing every nook and cranny of the programme and we are confident in its ability to effectively meet the demands of practical maintenance management in the workplace."

V15 is now entirely browser-based and subsequently available on a whole host of computers and devices; from Windows to Mac, Google Chrome to Internet Explorer, right across to Android tablets and iPads.

With the launch of MEX V15 comes the addition of electronic permits, email notifications through a cloud server, and a brand new in-built report designer with no reliance on Microsoft Access to write reports.

Core modules have been updated, with the preventative maintenance scheduler getting a makeover, now using a new calendar and a new layout. Enhancements to the import & export feature have eliminated the need for MEX utilities and rolled the functionality into MEX.

MEX Administrators can now integrate their Active Directory user’s structure and security right into the MEX System. This is something that has been requested a few times in the past, and we are proud to announce the launch of this feature with MEX V15.

The new version is now available for download through the MEX User Portal, and customers with the latest version of MEX 14 installed with a valid maintenance agreement, will be able to update to 15 straight from their MEX server home screen.