The supply consists of phases II and III of what is to be largest concentrated solar power complex in the world which, once completed in 2018, will produce over 560MW of solar energy.

The complex is located in Ouarzazate in central Morocco, which has the best levels of solar radiation on the planet. These plants, NOORo II and NOORo III (the first with cylindrical-parabolic technology and the second with tower technology) will provide 200MW and 150MW respectively, and are due to start functioning in late 2017. Both plants include thermal storage technology using molten salts.

In November 2015, SENER awarded Ingeteam with the supply of speed converters, which are responsible for controlling and regulating pumps, and which are critical elements for the correct and efficient functioning of the plant. There will be a total of 29 frequency converters integrated into different heat transfer and steam generation systems for this type of plant. These processes with an extensive operating range require components to be highly reliable to ensure maximum efficiency in the plant.

Ingeteam will supply medium-voltage converters from the Ingedrive® MV700 family, which are renowned for their compactness, permitting powers of 3.4MW in a switchgear 4.2m long. It will also supply low-voltage LV400 converters in an AFE configuration and with very low harmonics rates.

SENER, a leading Spanish engineering group in the field of solar thermoelectric technology, and co-participant in the turnkey construction of these plants, has placed its confidence in the experience and knowledge of Ingeteam, a specialist in the application of power electronics to the renewable energies sector.

The scope includes the engineering, supply, supervision and commissioning of the converters. These are devices which feed medium- and low-voltage motors which drive and regulate heat carrier fluid, heater water supply pumps and molten salts pumps for storing thermal energy. They are also used to regulate other pumps of a smaller size present in steam and cooling generation circuits.