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In February, Ingeteam was awarded a contract by ZITRON for the frequency converter equipment for a mine hoist in Bolivia.

The order comprised the main drive electrical package, including the main circuit breaker, rectifier transformer, frequency converter, as well as related engineering and on-site services.

The end user was Bolivian company Empresa Minera Colquiri, which owns and operates the zinc mine of the same name where the new hoist (double-drum type) will be installed at a site altitude of 3,900m above sea level.

Low-energy consumption

Ingeteam’s solution is based on an air-cooled Ingedrive MV100 with active front-end (AFE) rectifier, which allows regenerative braking. Braking energy is fed back into the plant grid again leading to lower energy consumption.

Safe and reliable operation with Ingedrive

  • Soft start and stop – great equipment control
  • Remote diagnostics support

Ingedrive MV100 is a three-level NPC, air or water-cooled, frequency converter based on HV-IGBTs, which supplies a motor voltage of 3.3kV or 4.16kV, with minimum parts count. Ingedrive MV100 delivers a power between 1MVA and 15MVA and is especially suitable for constant torque applications such as mills and hoists, as well as energy-saving applications.

For more information, please visit the company website.

Image: Ingedrive MV100 frequency convertor supplied to Bolivian client. Photo: courtesy of Ingeteam.