LOESCHE LOMA® type LF 42 steel combustion chamber for burning wood dust.

There is good news again from LOESCHE (Shanghai) on the Bangladesh market. Following the successful application of the all-new fully automated control hot gas generator system in the Yadong Cement Plant Project, LOESCHE Mills (Shanghai) has again recently signed a contract with China National Heavy Machinery Corporation to supply two sets of 35MW thermal power hot gas generator systems to the Bangladesh market. It also provides a suite of installation and technical services.

Since 1960, LOESCHE Group has been providing the hot gas generator system for engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) projects. For more than 50 years, it has always been constantly introducing LOESCHE hot gas generator products with updated technical standards and technical advantages. This has made LOESCHE hot gas generators into the ideal choice for industries requiring the direct application of hot air for drying.

The greatest feature of the LOESCHE hot gas generator is its ability to use a wide range of different fuels, such as gas, biogas, coke gas, blast furnace gas, low-calorific value gas, synthesis gas, diesel, heavy oils, wood dust and pulverised lignite, and it also has significant technical advantages such as being heat-resistant, having flexible adjustments, no preheating required, low wear, high-efficiency and energy-saving.

LOESCHE (Shanghai) relies on a complete set of hot gas generator systems, comprising of German quality hot gas generator and burner technology, and related fuel control valves, supporting electrical cabinets, etc, to be able to provide customers with better technology solutions and more sophisticated products.

LOESCHE (Shanghai) already has one unit of 32MW fully automated control hot gas generator systems being used in the Yadong Cement Plant Project, and it has achieved good results.