GEOKON INCORPORATED has announced the opening of a new Singapore-based operation in GEOKON (S) PTE LTD, as well as the appointment of Chiep Ping (CP) Koh as regional director.

Located in Changi-Business Park, the new office will serve GEOKON’s clients in South East Asia, both directly and in cooperation with our existing network of agents and representatives.

Chiep Ping (CP) Koh is a Civil Engineering graduate from the National University of Singapore. CP has extensive experience in the construction sector, and pile testingservices in particular where he has collaborated with the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) to develop guidelines for adoption by the pile testing community.

CP is committed to providing the excellent customer service and support GEOKON is well-known for. We welcome CP and, with his help, look forward to building a strong presence and service centre to benefit our clients in this region.

To learn more about our new office, send an enquiry form through this page.